10 Canes You Didn’t Know You Could Have

10 Canes You Didn’t Know You Could Have

From the antique compass cane to the modern GPS cane, here are ten canes that would be cool to own.

A cane that serves a dual or hidden purpose is called a system cane or gadget cane. These gadget canes are some of the coolest types of walking canes for sale.

You probably heard of walking canes that also function as an umbrella (also known as an umbrella cane), but have you heard of these other dual-purpose canes and walking sticks?

1. Seat canes

This walking cane doubles up as a handy seat for those times you just can’t stand anymore – but have nowhere to sit. For instant relief, simply unfold and take a seat.

seat cane


2. Bag canes

Life gets easier when you can keep your second hand free for other purposes. This innovative walking aid serves as a dual-purpose folding cane and handbag.

bag cane


3. Sword canes

These classic walking canes were used as self-defense in days gone by.

sword cane


4. Light canes

Light up the way with a cane that also functions as a flashlight.

cane with light


5. Cigarette lighter canes

…And here’s another way to ‘light up’ using a cane!

cigarette lighter cane


6. GPS canes

Most walking canes are used for support – and so is this one; yet it’s also used to give directions, with a useful, built-in GPS system.

GPS cane


7. Compass canes

Canes that show the way aren’t a new thing; this antique compass cane was used to help its user stay on track.

compass cane


8. Pen canes

This is another collector’s walking cane that offers the added benefit of having a pen at the ready all the time.

pen cane


9. Fan canes

This 1880 cane with a secret fold-out fan is a great way to stay cool on the go. Simply snap open the hidden fan and wave away the heat!

fan cane


10. Fishing pole canes

And last, but not least: the perfect retirement gift.

cane for fishing



Which of these walking canes are your favorite? Pick a number from one to ten and let us know in the comments below!

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