11 Tips to Prevent and Minimize Adult Diaper Leaks

11 Tips to Prevent and Minimize Adult Diaper Leaks

Adult pull-up diapers are one of the most effective solutions to adult incontinence. These incontinence products are popular with caregivers because they help provide better quality care. Diapers allow the user to enjoy a more active life without fear. Wearing a good adult disposable diaper boosts the confidence of the individual suffering from adult incontinence and allows him to continue enjoying an active social life.

However, there’s a significant drawback with most incontinence products; namely, leaking. Many people struggle with this embarrassing and uncomfortable problem, which defeats the purpose of using incontinence protection. Adult diaper leaks also pose health complications such as skin infections. This article explores some ideas on how to prevent adult diaper leaks from occurring and ensure that you have leak proof diapers.

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  1. Change the Size/Fit

It is not easy to find the best size of a diaper, but since the wrong choice of a diaper is a major cause of diaper leaks, finding the diaper that fits best is critical.

A very large diaper is not only uncomfortable but also ineffective in holding in liquids.  Similarly, a very tight diaper will overflow, leading to embarrassing leaks. To solve the problem, you can try another size by first measuring the waist and thigh measurement of the user, and then using size charts provided by diaper manufacturers.

  1. Change the Diaper Brand

It takes time before you find the optimal incontinence product available, but you should not stop the search until you have found the perfect fit. Diaper leaks could be the result of poor diaper construction or ineffective absorption technology. The best adult diapers come with multiple cores to absorb more liquid. Older products on the market lack such revolutionary technology, and you should thus look for newer and more effective incontinence protection products.

  1. Use Booster Pads

The main cause of diaper leaks among adults is poor absorbency of the incontinence product.  While changing the product or the brand is a great option, it is also advisable to look for a more effective solution to the absorbency problem.  Adding booster pads to the diaper is a popular way of increasing absorbency and because these incontinence pads are thin, they will not affect movement. This makes them absorbent, yet discreet.

  1. Request Sample Diapers

Another sure way to find the best incontinence diaper for you is by requesting sample products from different brands. Most brands now offer a sample pack as a way of winning customers. These samples not only help you test the size and fit of the diaper, but you can also detect any skin reactions to the product. Requesting free samples is a great way to find diapers that won’t leak without investing any money until you know what you need.

  1. Explore Bariatric Diapers for Large Sized People

As a caregiver, you understand how difficult it is to provide quality care for larger sized individuals.  If you have an immobile large bodied family member under your care, diaper leaks can be a chronic issue because most products on the market don’t accommodate their extra weight or large frame. To overcome the diaper leak problem, you should explore bariatric diapers, which are extremely absorbent and designed to cope with any level of incontinence.

  1. Use Gender-Specific Diapers

Most diaper brands on the market now offer gender-specific incontinence products, which are more effective in protecting leaks than regular diapers.  Men’s adult diapers feature an absorbent core on the front while women diapers target urine leaks with a more absorbent part on the lower area of the diaper. These incontinence products protect against leaks by targeting the specific problem areas.

  1. Try Overnight Incontinence Products

Most diaper leaks occur at night and an overnight diaper is thus an effective solution. Overnight adult diapers are more absorbent than regular diapers, and the design takes into consideration that the user might move around during his sleep. These diapers feature layers of absorbent cores to prevent leaks throughout the night.

  1. Check Your Diet

One of the easiest ways to manage incontinence problems at night is by limiting fluid intake before bedtime. You should limit drinks after dinner to reduce urine production and release at night.

Avoid caffeinated drinks, honey and artificial sweeteners, citrus fruits and juices, spicy food, milk, yogurt, cheese, and sugar before bedtime. Stay away from alcohol as it stimulates the bladder.

  1. Use Diapers with Wetness Indicators

To minimize the chance of urine leaks, it is advisable to change diapers regularly. However, this is not easy and will also add to the cost of incontinence management. Without knowing if the diaper is full, it is difficult for a caregiver to take any action. This is when a wetness indicator comes in handy. This feature indicates any wetness and gives signal to the caregiver to change the diaper. It prevents leaks and keeps your patient or loved one dry and comfortable throughout the night.

  1. Exercise Your Pelvic Muscles

One of the leading causes of adult incontinence is the weakening of pelvic muscles.  Doctors recommend Kegel exercises to improve muscle control.  Exercising the pelvic muscles is a long-term solution to the incontinence problem, and if you do these exercises daily, you will note a reduction in urine loss at night.

  1. Elevate Your Legs

Doctors recommend elevating the legs when sleeping in order to take the stress off of your pelvic muscles. This reduces the pressure on bladder muscles, thereby preventing urine loss.

If you live with adult incontinence, using adult pull up diapers is the best way to take charge of your life. These diapers allow you to enjoy your favorite daily activities without any fears of embarrassing incidences, and, at the same time, enjoy peaceful nights. To deal with diaper leaks, you should consider a change of diaper size, brand and style. You may also want to check your diet. It is important to keep the risk factors that exacerbate incontinence, such as smoking, alcohol, obesity, spicy or acidic foods, and caffeinated drinks, in mind.  These tips will help you provide better care for your patient.

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