8 Tips to Help You with Wound Healing

8 Tips to Help You with Wound Healing

There is no tricky situation like nursing a wound. This is because it requires tender care for it to heal. The skin being the largest organ, it is always advisable to be on the lookout whenever you have a wound to stop it from getting an infection. But worry not, below are tips on how to increase the wound healing process. Make sure you apply some of these tips and watch your wound heal faster than before.

Always cover your wound

Most people tend to neglect this tip with the idea that injuries need to breathe. What you don’t know is that when scars are left open, they tend to heal slowly. It is because open wounds attract bacteria, germs, and other diseases, causing microorganisms, thus making it worse. The only way to keep infectious organisms from landing on your open wound and increasing its severity is by covering it with a clean bandage. Ensure you clean the wound with a disinfectant before covering it. By doing so, you reduce the chances of infecting it, and you increase its rate of healing.

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Try preventing scab formation

Most wounds that ooze blood tend to lead to the creation of a scab. As the misconception states, scabs are a good sign meaning the scar is healing. Well, that is not the case. The creation of a scab often prevents the formation of new skin, which should cover the wounded area. That is why most people often end up with a scar after the healing of the wound. What you should do instead is to prevent the scar from forming. Keep the area moist and encourage the formation of another skin. The best way to do this is by applying Vaseline to the area.

Keep your blood glucose low

Among the many factors that affect wound healing include an increase in blood sugar levels. It tends to slow down the wound healing process. It is because blood sugar tends to increase the severity of the skin. That means that you should make sure your blood sugar is less than 140mg/dL. In case you have blood sugar, start medication immediately to help your wound to heal at a much faster rate. It is an essential tip to keep in mind more so if you have diabetes.

Keep your wound away from water

One of the main things you should consider doing is to keep your wound from becoming wet. It is because if the wound is wet, it tends to reduce the rate at which the wound heals. It can also end up causing more damage by leaving the wound open and vulnerable to germs. So always keep it at the optimum temperature and moist. Once you do so, go ahead and apply skincare products to enhance healing. For example, you may want to try out the gentle skin products created by Airgel. Taking care of your skin in such a way guarantees fast healing.

Quit smoking

Smoking is one of the main things that slow down the healing process. The smoke you inhale often close up your blood vessels for a couple of minutes. It also ends up depriving your blood of enough oxygen. Remember, your wound requires a supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients for it to heal faster and develop new skin. This means that you should stop smoking so that your veins continue supplying your skin with oxygen, helping your wounds to heal quickly.

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Use clean water to clean your wound

You should make sure you always keep your wound clean. This is to prevent your skin from germs that can make it worse. Some of the things to avoid include alcohol and soap. Only make use of clean water that has undergone distillation. Remember to use clean bandages.

Eat lots of proteins and vitamins

Having a proper diet is among the nutrition guidelines to improve wound healing. Among the foods, you should eat proteins. What proteins do is that they repair the body and rejuvenates the skin, thus facilitating fast wound healing. You should also consume foods rich in vitamins C, D, E, and k. Foods that have Vitamin K include spinach, lettuce, kale, and green beans.

Give your wound time to heal

Once you have the above tips in mind, you should go ahead and give it time to heal. Avoid scratching and applying too much pressure on the wound. This means you need to put on clothes that give them room to heal.

So far, those are the main tips to increase the rate at which your wound heal. They are also useful in preventing the wound from getting an infection. The last thing you want is to have your injury growing worse simply because you haven’t taken care of it well enough.

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