Animal Wheelchairs Part II

Animal Wheelchairs Part II

Earlier this week, we featured some adorable animals in wheelchairs. Here we present part two of the Animal Wheelchairs series, with even more animals that will roll straight into your heart.

Bunny Wheelchairs

bunny with wheelchair

Marie was a beautiful, disabled bunny who had a fractured spine but was still able to get around on her own, thanks to her set of wheels. Her owner was told by two vets to put her down, but fortunately, she did not heed their advice and Marie lived happily and free of pain for 3 and a half years before she died.

Chicken Wheelchairs

chicken with wheelchair

This handsome rooster from New York was fitted with a nest-shaped wheelchair to help him get around. Unfortunately, it seems the wheelchair is better equipped for hard surfaces than grass – more than a slight issue for a chicken!

Guinea Pig Wheelchairs

rat with wheelchair

With a wheelchair almost as cute as himself, Benny is a paralyzed little guinea pig whose photogenic looks took the web by storm.

Turtle Wheelchairs

turtle with wheelchair

Tzvika the turtle was run over by a lawn mower, leaving his shell damaged and his hind legs unusable. With the help of his new wheels, Tzvika is raised off the ground to avoid wearing out his shell and is able to get around independently.

Duck Wheelchairs

duck with wheelchair

This lame duck now has a duck truck to get around! Apple was neglected by her first owner, who left her in a tiny cage with no water and not enough food. When she was rescued, she was filthy, malnourished and severely underweight. Her new owner brought her to a vet and lovingly nursed her back to health and then, together with her husband, designed her this beautiful wheelchair to get some weight off her good leg.

Goldfish Wheelchairs

goldfish with wheelchair

Wheelchair Fish made the news last week when his owner’s friend, Derek, made him a little “wheelchair” with airline tubing that holds the “chair” made of valves in place and a block of Styrofoam at the top to help the goldfish stay upright. The wheelchair was designed to help the goldfish, who has swim bladder disease, stay upright in the water.


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