Animal Wheelchairs Part I

Animal Wheelchairs Part I

The use of dog wheelchairs have become very common, but there are many other animals who have been fitted with wheelchairs to help them get around – here we cover the many types of animals out there who are disabled but independent thanks to their cute little (or big and bulky) custom made wheelchairs.

Dog Wheelchairs

dog with wheelchair

At less than a year old, TurboRoo the disabled Chihuahua puppy went from being abandoned to having more than 66,00 Instagram followers. After being adopted by a vet and cop, TurboRoo had a custom made cart 3D printed mobility cart to get him fully mobile again. Now with 225k Instagram followers and over 4k followers on Twitter, @RooTurbo is #WheelyCute and totally charming the web.

TurboRoo wheelchair

Cat Wheelchairs

cat with pink wheelchair

Brigitta the Wheelchair Cat survived a shot when she was one years old and was operated on and then fitted with this adorable pink wheelchair. Although she didn’t survive long, she lived a beautiful life and adopted several stray kittens whom she mothered despite her disability.

cat sitting in wheelchair

…And then there’s this adorable little kitten, back from the vet in his mini robe and manual wheelchair.

Goat Wheelchairs

Frostie the baby goat wheelchair

Frostie is a baby snow goat who’s clearly very happy with his little wheelchair. Soon after he was born, he contracted a condition that made him unable to use his rear joints, but thanks to his cart, he is now happily enjoying his freedom.

goat with wheelchair

Sheep Wheelchairs

sheep with wheelchair

Buster the sheep was born with the use of only three of his legs and could barely walk due to his fourth, deformed leg. After amputation was ruled out, the vets in charge of Buster’s case came to the conclusion that there was no choice put to put him down, since prolonged walking on three legs would damage him internally. Thankfully, funds were raised to build him a custom made wheelchair that allows him to get around easily and – most importantly – saved him from being euthanized.

Cow Wheelchairs

bull with wheelchair

Duke is a disabled dwarf bull who was unable to walk due to an injury and was unwanted at the commercial farm where he was born. After being attacked by the other cows at the farm, Sharon Lawlor from the North Yorkshire CALF animal sanctuary took him in and spent £10,000 nursing him back to health. She then had a custom wheelchair built for him so he could walk on his own.

Horse Wheelchairs

pony with wheelchair

The story goes that this miniature horse, Harry, was born handicapped thanks to “greedy dwarf breeders.” Doggone Wheels gave Harry the dwarf horse a second chance when they build him this perfect little wheelchair.

Deer Wheelchairs

deer with wheelchair

Rosie the deer became disabled in a very unusual way – a dog mistook her hind legs for a chewing toy when she was a newborn and left her severely injured. Thanks to her physical therapist, acupuncturist and her doggie wheelchair, Rosie is now doing very well.

Pig Wheelchairs

pig with wheelchair

Born without the use his hind legs, Chris P. Bacon (yes, Chris P. Bacon!) had a custom made piglet wheelchair made for him by Dr. Len Lucero, a vet in Clermont, Florida. The mini wheelchair was made out of K’nex and although at first Bacon didn’t like it, he quickly got used to it and enjoyed rolling around. Now a fully grown pig, Chris P. uses a dog wheelchair to get around and is famous on social media as the Pig on Wheels.

chris p bacon pig on wheels


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