About Hanna Landman

Hanna has been writing ever since she was old enough to hold a pen. She enjoys sharing her knowledge about the medical world, especially when it comes to the stuff she's most experienced with, like mobility equipment and incontinence products. She also loves interviewing others and hearing about their experiences, and basically likes every genre of writing besides the boring type (essays, for example). If you have any questions or compliments, you can contact Hanna through AvaCare Medical.

5 Myths About Senior Nutrition That You Need To Stop Believing

There are many myths surrounding senior nutrition. Many of these myths are harmless but some of them can be dangerous. People should be more aware of what seniors need when it comes to nutrition and healthy habits. However, if you learn more about healthy nutrition, you can improve your life quality and enjoy the world [...]

Why Hospitals Need Volunteers Now More Than Ever

The busier people become, the less time we’re able to set aside to volunteer. Still, that doesn’t mean organizations need volunteers any less than they used to. Hospitals are one type of organizations that rely on volunteers from their community to complete essential tasks. Why do hospitals depend on volunteers? Let’s count the ways... 1. [...]

Tips for Choosing the Right Senior Care Facility

Whether you are making the decision to put a loved one into a senior care facility or are considering entering one yourself, it can be an incredibly difficult decision. There are many factors that go into deciding what sort of senior care facility, if any, is right for you or your family. Comfort, cleanliness, care, [...]

Living with Arthritis: Best Tips for an Awesome Retirement

Arthritis is not an easy disease to live with. It can affect your mobility, quality of life, and what activities you choose to spend time doing. But just because you have an illness, and just because your grandkids outrun you, doesn’t mean you can’t pursue a well-rounded, busy life during retirement. Invest in equipment that [...]

How to Choose the Best Hospital Mattresses

Choosing a hospital mattress can be a daunting task given that it is for people with special needs. The challenge lies in that there are a variety of hospital mattresses just like beds where some are electronic while others are manual. Shop Hospital Bed Mattresses   Factors To Consider When Choosing a Hospital Mattress [...]