AvaCare Medical Supports Hurricane Florence Relief Efforts

AvaCare Medical Supports Hurricane Florence Relief Efforts

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC) is a 501(c)(3) that has been instrumental in disaster relief efforts both domestically and internationally, providing DME and medical supplies in the wake of hurricanes including Katrina, Irene and Sandy, and most recently Maria and Irma, as well as the devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal.

In 2013, Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) appointed FODAC to serve as the statewide distributor of DME and assistive technology in the event of a large population-affecting emergency situation. In this role, FODAC will warehouse the DME and other equipment, then, working with GEMA and the American Red Cross (ARC) of Georgia, will coordinate the delivery and distribution to emergency shelters around the state.

While FODAC worked on preparing shipments of DME and other supplies to be delivered to areas recovering from Hurricane Florence, AvaCare Medical did a wide-scale campaign to help raise funds to cover the relief efforts.

From Thursday, September 20th until Monday, September 24th, AvaCare Medical promoted FODAC’s mission and encouraged followers and previous customers to get involved at no extra cost to them – all they had to do was place their orders during that time frame, and we would send $1 from their order towards helping hurricane victims.

In addition to this hurricane campaign, over the last month AvaCare Medical has been working hand in hand with Chris Brand, CEO of FODAC, to find other ways of helping including other promotions, support and referrals and we are proud to consider ourselves a FODAC partner.

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