Adult Wipes Reviews: Best Wipes for Adults

Adult Wipes Reviews: Best Wipes for Adults

One of the most common ways of choosing body wipes and washcloths for adults – or any online purchase, really – is to look at reviews of previous buyers. By looking at how many reviewers there are, what rating they give, and the insights they give to the product, online customers can protect themselves from ending up with a less-than-satisfactory product. Here we’ve saved you some of the time and effort needed for research by selecting some of the adult wipes on our site that receive 5-star ratings on a consistent basis.

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Best Wipes for Adults

Aloetouch Wipes

5 star rating Rating: 5 – 12 votes

These soothing, lightly scented and alcohol free wipes are easily the most popular wipes for seniors and the elderly. With soft, comfortable construction, non-irritating properties and large size of 8″ x 12″, these wipes are ideal for caregivers of elderly incontinence patients.

Here’s what some of our reviewers have to say about these wipes:

Used them while hospitalized and they worked great. Love this product.

— R.R., Michigan

Very useful wipes!

These wipes were used by the staff while i was in rehab & they were very useful. now that i am home, i find them very helpful in my personal hygiene.

— O.U., Texas

Always quick delivery!

— T.G., New York

Great product, I’m so happy I found a place to order them…

— L.S., New Mexico

Great Product!

My Mom was on hospice and these are the wipes they used for her care. She is no longer on hospice and we continue to purchase these wipes for her at the care center. They are a good size and gentle to the skin. Soft and non irritating. Work great… much more comfortable for her than using a wash cloth

— D.J., Minnesota

The wipes are terrific. I ordered the boxes containing the most each — 68. Everything about the delivery was smooth and timely.

— J.E.C., California


— L.S.

The wipes came on time as scheduled, packed in a sturdy box, in excellent condition. i recommend purchasing these from this vendor. Thanks for good service!!!

— B.R.K.

Just right for the job!

Really large wipes with a mild pleasant scent. Perfect for staying fresh after surgery when showering isn’t permitted.

— M.P., New Mexico

Great item

— M.D.L., Maryland

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Prevail Disposable Washcloth

5 star rating Rating: 5 – 2 votes

These adult wipes are super strong – but super soft. With ergonomic packaging and a large, 8″ x 12″ size, the Prevail disposable wet wipes are simply a great choice.

These washcloths are a nice size & are packaged so well, they are easy to use and don’t dry out!

— R.F., New York

Wonderful disposable cloths!

Very good size. Great packaging.

— Y.S., California

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McKesson Wipes

5 star rating Rating: 5 – 2 votes

The McKesson Wipes are packaged in an easy-to-use dispenser and are infused with a gentle fragrance to make clean-ups easier and more pleasant. These rinse-free, alcohol-free wipes are strong and durable while still being soft on the skin. A great choice for anyone looking for a quality, yet affordable, perineal wipe.

On-time delivery of excellent product

A.S., District of Columbia

Excellent service

L.G., Texas

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Simplicity Pre-Moistened Washcloths

5 star rating Rating: 5 – 1 vote

One of the most important qualities of any wipe is, as we’ve seen so far, that it is strong and durable but soft on the skin – and these wipes definitely deliver. Appropriate for patients of all ages, these mildly-fragranced disposable wet washcloths contain aloe, vitamin E and chamomile to sooth the skin.

Great product!

I bought these because I have a injury that makes it hard for me to shower or bath everyday, they are big and soft. I really like them and would recommend these to others.

L., Kentucky

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ReadyFlush JR Fragrance Free Wipes

5 star rating Rating: 5 – 2 votes

Although these wipes aren’t specifically for seniors, they are worth mentioning since they are very popular for their flushable, frangrance-free properties. These wipes are designed to be moisturizing and soothing to the skin, and specially designed to be ideal for use on sensitive skin.

Excellent Personal Cleansing Cloths!

These wipes are strong enough to clean extremely well, yet biodegrade easily. I’ve used them for years with zero plumbing problems. Being soft enough and unscented, there have been no irritation or allergy issues. This is a wonderful product that I recommend fully.

C.S., New Jersey

The One! Rare Fragrance-Free Flushable!

So hard to find the rare fragrance-free flushable wipe. This one has everything you would want–Good quality, size and flushable!

E.C., Texas

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A comparable option to the Ready Flush Fragrance Free Wipes is the Hygea Flushable Wipe, which is also fully flushable and fragrance free. Here’s what one reviewer has to say about these:

Great purchase. Will continue to order the wipes.

This is the perfect wipe for me. It cleans, it’s small enough to carry in your bag. I love them and will surely order again. The greatest thing about the wipes they are flushable and they don’t have a smell to them. Thank you!

B.S., Georgia

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ReadyFlush Scented Wipes

5 star rating Rating: 5 – 1 vote

These lightly scented flushable wipes are available in soft packs or tubs so you can find the best dispensing method for your needs. ReadyFlush wipes are formulated to be durable during use, while easily breaking down when flushed.

We have used ReadyFlush towelettes for some time and are very happy with them. The mfr says they are septic-tank safe and biodegradable, and they seem to be. We have had our septic system pumped and cleaned and there were no problems.

C.P., South Carolina

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What other adult wipes have you used and loved? Let us know in the comments below!

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