Best Fall Prevention Products for 2020

Best Fall Prevention Products for 2020

If you’re caring for an older adult, or have one in your life who you care deeply about, you’re probably concerned about slip and fall accidents.

Older adults are at greater risk for slips and falls for many reasons. And not only are they at greater risk of falling, but they’re more likely to sustain an injury when they do fall.

So if you’re caring for an elderly patient or loved one, you’ll want to do what you can to keep them safe and sound at all times.

The following are 10 of the best fall prevention products on the market in 2019 that will help with preventing falls at home. You may not need every one, but in most cases, multiple products will vastly reduce the risk of a slip, and prevent falls in older adults.

1.      EZ Adjust Bed Rail

For most older adults, the act of getting into and out of bed poses a serious risk. And then, there’s the risk of falling out of bed while they’re sleeping.

The EZ Adjust Bed Rail was designed to help support the older adult in both situations. It can adjust in length to provide support while getting in and out of bed, and it can help keep the patient from rolling out of bed at night.



2.      Double-Tread Slippers

If an older adult must walk on tile or hardwood flooring, double-tread slippers are a must. These slipper socks provide the perfect amount of tread in an easily wearable sock that can be worn throughout the day. The treads on both sides ensure that the wearer’s feet have a firm grip on the floor and reduce the risk of slipping. Even if the sock slips out of place, the tread will still make contact with the ground. This is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your older loved one safe from falls.

double tread slippers


3.      Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar

Does the senior in your life need help getting up from a seated position? If so, something simple like getting out of a bathtub can become a very dangerous situation. The Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar helps solve this problem simply by giving the adult something to lean on as they pull themselves up to standing position.

security pole & curve bar


4.      Chrome Grab Bars

Chrome Grab Bars are similar to the security pole in that they give the older adult leverage to help them stand. Install them in places where falls are common, such as near the toilet, stairs, or bath. Seniors can grab onto a chrome grab bar for support.


5.      Keepsafe Essential Bed & Chair Arm

If your patient must be confined to a bed or chair, the Keepsafe Essential Bed and Chair Alarm can instantly alert you if the patient leaves the bed or chair. This is helpful because it will not only alert you to a fall, but it will also let you know if the patient is attempting to walk on his or her own (which makes them a fall risk). And since sleep patterns change when you age, these things are likely to happen in the middle of the night when the caregiver is sleeping. This is why an alarm comes in such handy.

keepsafe essential bed & chair alarm



6.      Tech-Med Foot Stool with Handrail

Sometimes, we all need a little extra help. If your older adult needs help getting into or out of bed, this Foot Stool with Handrail will help. It provides just a bit of lift with a sturdy handrail to help keep the patient secure.

techmed footstool



7.      Locking Raised Toilet Seats

Getting on and off the toilet can be a dangerous endeavor for someone who struggles with balance and has doesn’t have much lower body strength. Fortunately, the Locking Raised Toilet Seat can help, providing a bit of height with handles for extra support. And since it locks in place, it’ll be a strong support for the patient to lean on.


8.      Knockdown Bath Bench withArms

Let’s face it: The typical bath isn’t made with older adults in mind. And bath modifications can get pricey. But the Knockdown Bath Bench provides an alternative solution that’s also perfect for when the older adult shares a bath with others. It gives the older adult a safe place to sit, and it can easily be removed when it’s not in use.

knockdown bath bench with arms


9.      PikStik TelescoPik Adjustable Reacher

If an older adult has balance issues, it’s easy to slip and fall while reaching for something. The PikStik TelescoPik Adjustable Reacher enables the person to grasp items easily. Not only does it help with safety, but it can also help give the older adult an enhanced sense of independence.

pikstik telescopik adjustable reacher


10. Hermell Folding Fall Pad

When an older adult is at great risk of falling in a specific situation, a Fall Pad can help reduce the risk of injury. Fall pads work well on the side of the bed to help soften the fall if a patient happens to lose footing or fall out of bed.


If you have an older adult in your care, any of these elderly fall prevention products can help take some of the burden and worry off of your shoulders as you try to keep your patient safe from harm.

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