Best Medical Products to Keep You Cool This Summer

Best Medical Products to Keep You Cool This Summer

After a long winter, the heat is a wonderful thing. Still, when the sun is at its peak, sometimes, you can use a little help cooling off. Here are some products you might not have known about that can make your summer a whole lot cooler. Literally.

Cooling Body Lotions and Creams

Whether you shop the Soothe & Cool product line or any other creams and lotions, there are countless products that are specially formulate to provide cool relief for your skin, especially when the heat and sweat start getting to you.

fruit of the earth after sun gel

summer's eve feminine wash

soothe & cool barrier ointment


Hot & Cold Therapy Products

After a hot day in the sun, a fun ice pack – such as the ones featured below – is the perfect way to cool off.

cool cap compress ouchie cap

VibraCool Vibration and Ice Pain Relief

For more ice pack and cold therapy product options, visit our hot & cold therapy category.


Other Cooling Products

The EquaGel cushion by Medline offers a whole range of great features, one of them being the fact that the cooling gel and open cell design reduces heat and moisture.

EquaGel Cushion

Another way to keep cool and comfortable is with products made with sheepskin, such as the elbow protector below. This is because sheepskin can absorb a lot of moisture and also for air circulation.

Sheepskin elbow protector

If you or your loved one suffers from incontinence, the last thing you want in bed in the summer is a sticky, sweaty bed pad. Consider purchasing a breathable option such as the one featured here to stay cool through the night.

Cardinal Health Disposable Underpad, Max


What other products are you loving this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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