How to Choose a Mattress Overlay for Bed Sores

How to Choose a Mattress Overlay for Bed Sores

Best Mattress Overlays for Bed Sores


Anyone can tell you that a proper mattress is conducive to being well-rested. But besides for your regular mattress, there is also a mattress overlay, which is used in addition to your existing mattress.

There are various uses for a mattress overlay; some use it for comfort, while others want it for extra support. Many people utilize an overlay to relieve aches and sore muscles.

There are even mattress toppers that are capable of preventing the painful symptoms of bed sores and ulcers. These mattress overlays for bed sores can minimize muscle pains, and also reduce the risk of their onset.

When used in conjunction with a quality pillow, these overlays will afford you with a comfortable, healing night’s sleep.

If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues, such as muscle pains and the like,  a mattress overlay is something you’d be sure to appreciate. But before you run out and purchase an overlay, make you sure that you know just how to choose the best overlay for your needs. So, here’s what you should look for in the perfect overlay.


Comfortable is relative, and different people have different ideas of what a comfortably firm overlay feels like. So, truthfully, there is no such thing as the correct firmness for mattress toppers. However, let me remind you that you should never go too extreme; never choose an extremely soft or a rock-hard mattress, because they will both be uncomfortable.

For bedsore problems, the ideal mattress topper has a medium firmness, and strikes the perfect balance between comfort and support for people who are prone to bedsores. Such a mattress is the ideal choice for therapeutic and pain relief purposes.

Always try to match the firmness of the overlay to the mattress that you are using. The mattresses listed in this article from A Sleepy Wolf, can work well with toppers.

Heat Regulation

Body sores and other types of physical discomforts can be caused by the temperature in your bedroom. One of the most significant factors contributing to bedsores is room temperature; that’s why making your bedroom cool and breezy is so crucial to being well-rested and feeling your best.

However, heat regulation  is not the only thing that you can do to make your nights comfortable. You can opt for those ventilated mattress and mattress overlays which offer optimal breathability, which keeps you feeling cool and comfy. A good mattress overlay should allow you to sleep undisturbed, without waking up at three am drenched in sweat. Feeling hot and sweaty is a sure way to aggravate body pains and sores.


Don’t forget that a mattress overlay has to be comfortable, and should provide you with a feeling of calm and relaxation.
Now, we all know that comfort, as a factor, is a subjective topic. Some people find toppers that are full of cushions to be comfortable, while others find overlays without a lot of cushions to be best for their body.

At this point, you have to choose the one that keeps your body free of discomfort. Only you can determine which overlay this will be.

If the mattress topper is too stiff for you, then discard it. It doesn’t matter if it was recommended by many people. If you don’t find it comfortable, don’t use it, because if you do, it’ll make your sores hurt even more.


A saggy mattress is proof that the item has a weak and flimsy makeup. Such a mattress is not a good option for those that are suffering from constant back pain and other bodily aches.

If you notice that your mattress is sagging, be aware that you are no longer receiving the necessary support while you are sleeping. Since you won’t have a good evening if the overlay tends to move or wrinkle every time that you shift position, causing muscle soreness due to aggravated pressure points, you may want to find yourself a better mattress if yours is thin and saggy.

Despite extended use, the materials of the mattress overlay should remain rigid. No parts should come loose.

As mentioned above, the quality of your mattress topper is affected by the mattress it is paired with. Ideal mattresses have all the necessary features that allow for comfort and support, and should be considered carefully when choosing the right mattress.

Of course, an overlay would be rendered insufficient if you don’t pair it with the right sleeping amenities; you also need a quality mattress.

With both these things present, you can guarantee that your body will never be susceptible to bed sore and body pain.

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

Best Mattress Overlays for Bed Sores


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