DIY Decorated Mobility Aids: A Pictorial

DIY Decorated Mobility Aids: A Pictorial

Mobility Aids Don’t Need to be Ugly

When an individual is elderly or disabled and needs help getting around, it can be hard to accept a mobility aid of any type as a new full-time companion, whether it’s a temporary or permanent solution. This can be especially true if you can’t afford to buy an expensive, attractive-looking walking aid or wheelchair. In today’s post, we’ll explore some creative, original and easy ways to create decorated mobility aids yourself – without breaking the bank.

Decorated Wheelchairs

Affordable wheelchairs can be very plain and medical-looking, and yet when they’re decorated, they can have so much personality! Decorating wheelchairs is especially popular around Halloween time.

 Tie Dye Wheelchair

This decorated manual wheelchair is, simply put, sensational. Wish I could do this to my car!

cool painted wheelchair


Decorated Walkers

Rollators can be nice and attractive-looking, but let’s face it: walkers simply aren’t. Although they’re the perfect walking aid for some, that doesn’t mean these individuals are forced to walk around with a boring aluminum walker – and it’s so easy to spice it up!

 Duct Tape Walker

You can use Duct tape to gift yourself or your loved one with a custom-designed walker.

diy decorated walker


 Ribbon Rollator

Or, you can take a basic rollator and pretty it up with a few colorful ribbons like this women did:

diy ribbon decorated rollator walker

Decorated Canes

There are a lot of cool ways to decorate canes – and they’re the easiest to decorate, as well, since there are no curves to get around (besides the handle, that is). Whether you choose to use stickers, duct tape, gems, or one of the ideas below, you can easily make your wooden walking cane even more beautiful and attractive.

 Knitted Cane

This one definitely wins for creativity!

knitted cane


 Threaded Walking Cane

Here’s another cane that combines sewing with fashion with beautiful results:

threaded cane

Decorated Crutches

Crutch-decorating is very popular, especially since they are often used for a temporary disability or injury and it’s an exciting way of cheering up the patient.

 Zebra Girl Crutches

This has got to be the ultimate decorating idea for girls underarm crutches anyone ever came up with!


zebra girl crutches


 Prom Crutches

These decorated crutches are really well done. Pretty, elegant and attractive, they are the perfect pair of crutches to take to prom or any other dress up party.

prom crutches

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