How Home Urine Tests Can Help Detect Diseases

How Home Urine Tests Can Help Detect Diseases

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We have come a long way when it comes to the detection and treatment of diseases. Early detection of diseases, especially chronic conditions, is key in their management and treatment. You no longer need a doctor to diagnose the onset of some diseases because you can do it yourself from the comfort of your home using home test kits.

Importance of Home Urine Tests

Urine tests are very common in hospitals and many of us may have had one. It is also the basis of a pregnancy test, where hormonal markers in urine are tested for pregnancy information.

However, urine carries a lot more information about what is happening in the body and is a huge reservoir of indicators regarding the healthy functioning of the body as well as the presence of disease.

Home urine tests can help detect diseases early and are now at the forefront of healthcare management and diagnosis by giving you the means for self-diagnosis. Unlike before where you had to visit a doctor for a diagnosis, the power of diagnosis is being placed in your hands.

Urine testing is at the center of home diagnosis for early detection of diseases. Gone are the days when drug test cups were only for the criminal justice system, home testing is now part of a growing and encouraged healthcare trend for early diagnosis and to help cut medical costs.

The cost benefits are great! Think of the medical fees you would save by performing a urine test at home rather than paying for the same test by having it done in a medical facility. Urine home test kits portend huge benefits for remote and rural locations where there are no medical facilities or medical personnel in healthcare management and for cost reduction in detection of disease.

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What You Can Detect with a Urine Test

As already mentioned earlier, your urine carries a lot of biological and chemical markers which hold a lot of information about what is happening in your body. Urine regulates water balance in your body and is also a means of getting rid of waste substances produced during metabolic processes.

Urine tests can be used for the quick detection urinary system diseases and urinary tract infections (UTIs) as well as metabolic problems such as diabetes and liver diseases.

There are healthy levels of substances present in the urine and what the urine test does is to measure and give an indication of the status and to tell whether the levels are normal or not.

A urine home test will commonly test for the following:

  • The acidity or pH value of the urine, which normally measures between 5 to 7; anything below 5 means your urine is too acidic and anything above 7 means it is not acidic enough. This is an indication of your water intake.
  • Bilirubin: This is produced during hemoglobin breakdown. Should not be in the urine.
  • Red blood cells (Erythrocytes): Should not be present.
  • White blood cells (Leukocytes): Should not be in the urine and presence may indicate a bacterial infection.
  • Protein: Presence of protein in the urine is an anomaly because it should not be in the urine and could indicate kidney inflammation.
  • Sugar: Presence could mean issues with glucose regulation or high blood pressure.
  • Nitrite: Should not be in urine.
  • Ketone: Presence is a sign of high blood pressure.
  • Urobilinogen: Another metabolic substance which should not be in the urine.

If any of these indicators are out of place, you need to visit a doctor for further tests, diagnosis and treatment where need be.

At-Home Drug Testing

Urine tests are also the go-to test for quick drug testing or drug screening. At home drug testing will quickly help you determine drug levels or presence in your body and drug test cups are the best tools for it.

You can use a drug test cup at home to keep tabs on a family member for alcohol or drug usage. They are used by alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers to screen patients during treatment and to help determine the course of treatment and are also used by athletes and sports bodies for drug testing.

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Bottom Line

The future of healthcare and early disease detection is in empowering individuals to self-test regularly for indicators of disease onset or presence. More importantly, self-testing will be essential for the management and treatment of people who are already dealing with certain conditions and diseases.

Urine home testing is already here and will be the go-to instrument for the detection and management of diseases. In the endeavor to make healthcare more affordable, more home testing will be recommended and will be the preferred option by many.

Urine home testing is essential for better health- get a urine home test kit or drug test cup from a certified dealer.

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