The Military-Level CPR and First Aid Kit Essentials Required for Gun Shootings Response

The Military-Level CPR and First Aid Kit Essentials Required for Gun Shootings Response


With the mystifying yet frightening increase of active shooter events, terrorist attacks, and mass casualty events (bombings), there is an increasing necessity for improved response kits and general public training, for the safety of our nation. This article will look at the military-level CPR and first aid kit essentials required for gun shootings response, so that more people will be as prepared as possible in case of the unthinkable.

What is a CPR Kit and What’s in it?

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a first-aid procedure. It involves manual chests compressions, as well as breath to breath respirations, to allow a victim’s blood to flow to their critical body organs. A CPR Kit contains equipment for protecting you when administering the first aid. Main components include:

  • CPR shield or mask – it helps to prevent backflow of air and fluid contact when a rescuer is breathing air into the patient.
  • Latex Gloves – they prevent bodily fluids from coming in contact with the rescuer, hence preventing the transmission of diseases.
  • Biohazard waste bags – these are used to store and dispose of treatment wipes or equipment that has been used to administer first aid.
  • Antiseptic wipes – are used for cleaning the face area of a patient.


Below are the equipment found in a first aid kit:

  • Gauze sponge – these are highly absorbent; hence, they are suitable for preventing blood loss when held with medical tape. They also come in handy when applying ointments.
  • Petrolatum Gauze – this gauze helps in compression therapy, especially on lacerations, light wounds, abrasions, and minor burns.
  • Cohesive bandage – this is a bandage that doesn’t cohere to a person’s hair or skin. It only sticks to itself; hence, it’s very suitable for wrapping around limbs.
  • ABD Pads – these have multiple uses in first aid, such as padding gauze dressings, dressing big wounds, or even wiping the victim’s blood.
  • EMT Shears – these are medicals scissors which are used for cutting the victims clothes.
  • Quick Clot Response 25g – this is a haemostatic agent applied to stop bleeding.


Essentials present in both in the CPR kit and first aid kit include the following:

  • CPR Face Shield
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Medical/ Nitrile Gloves

How Can You Handle Gunshot And Bomb Wounds?

Gunshot and bomb wounds require more than just a CPR and a simple first aid kit. You need a specialized package that can help handle life-threatening traumatic emergencies before the victim is in hospital. The bleeding control kits are mostly on walls in train stations, schools, and other public venues.

Surprisingly enough, bleeding control isn’t taught as part of the first-aid program. In the aftermath of mass shootings and bombings, you can save a life by using the following equipment.

1. Military-Issue CAT Tourniquets

These are devices which use mechanical force advantage to apply pressure onto a victim’s limb. By clamping and shutting major blood vessels, they help prevent excessive blood loss. They were used successfully by the USA marines to save many lives in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

However, they risk killing an arm or limb due to the effects on blood vessels and nerves. They gained acceptance after the 9/11 attacks leading to a significant adoption in the military. In the Boston Marathon bombing, they were used to save many lives after getting incorporated into general public medical kits.

2. Combat Haemostatic Gauze

This is an advanced veil that can be used to stop bleeding in body organs such as the stomach. Unlike regular gauze, haemostatic gauze contains an agent which helps to stop bleeding. They staunch the bleeding much more efficiently and effectively than standard gauze will.

3. Water

During mass shootings and bombings, chemicals that are in the air can get into people’s eyes. Naturally, they will rush to wipe their eyes with hands which may have more chemicals. If an immediate remedy is not applied, this can lead to serious eye problems or even permanent eye damage. Using water to clean eyes can come in handy in these situations.

4. Your Brain

This goes without saying that one will have to think and apply what you’ve learned on the first aid training you enrolled to make the first aid a success. Most importantly, you should be calm and avoid making rush uninformed decisions.

5. Asherman Chest Seal

The Asherman Chest Seal has saved many lives. This device has seen increased integration into medical kits in areas prone to mass shootings. It is used to form the first aid treatment of sucking chest wound (pneumothorax wounds). Naturally, your chest is tasked with:

  • Helping in the breathing process (getting air in and out).
  • Protecting your lungs, heart, and major blood vessels.
  • Helping your blood travel back to your heart.

Any damage to your chest compromises these functions, thus the importance of the Asherman Chest Seal. By sealing a chest wound (hole), the lungs can empty and fill as they should.

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