Moving Tips for Someone with a Disability

Moving Tips for Someone with a Disability

Moving to a new home or place is a stressful yet exciting time in anyone’s life. However, if you have a disability, the impact of moving to a new home is much greater than those who don’t have a disability.

For those in wheelchairs, for example, the moving process brings with it new obstacles that you’ll have to overcome. Planning ahead is one of the most important things to do when you have a disability and are about to move home. Here are some helpful tips that you can use to help make your transition and moving process just that little bit easier.

Plan Your Accessibility Ahead of Time

If you’re moving into a new home or apartment, it’s important to check the accessibility of the place so you have a plan when the move begins. You need to make sure the new place can accommodate your disability needs, especially if you’re in a wheelchair.

Some things to pre-plan and address to make the transition smoother include:

  • What are the hallway widths?
  • Which way do the doors open, and how easy it is to open the door?
  • Is there a way to access the bathroom easily?
  • Is there another option to get into your home if the lift or ramp is currently unavailable upon arrival?
  • Can the mover move your items into your new place easily or do they have to take stairs? It’s best they know beforehand so they’re ready for the final stage of the move.

Being properly prepared on how to access your home is the best thing you can do before the whole process begins. This will give you a clear vision and planning ability when you reach your final destination.

Packing for Your Move

There are two things you can do when it comes to the packing process. These include:

  • Getting someone else to pack for you.
  • Packing your items well in advance so you have time to get it done before the day of the move.

Some moving companies will come in and pack everything for you in advance. This is extremely helpful when you have limited capabilities. However, this can be costly if you don’t have a large budget to fall back on.

The other option is prepacking your items over weeks or months before the initial move date. This will allow you to prepack everything slowly and without too much stress. This option is great if you don’t have a huge budget when moving.

Take Advantage of Any Disability Services

Depending on where you live, you may be eligible for some disability services that will help in assistance with your new move.

Before moving, check the government website or local council department to see whether you’re eligible for any additional money assistance or service assistance. Some assistance programs may help with the costs or provide additional hands to help deal with the moving process or food on the day.

Hire a Full Service Removal Company

If you have a high budget, investing in a full service removal company is a great way to go. Full service removal companies help take the stress out of your move by doing everything for you. They can pack, move and unpack your items when you reach your new home. It’s important to hire these companies in advance before you move so they’re available to use.

Remember to check the different prices and rates available to ensure you have enough money to work with. These types of services are invaluable for those with a disability to help make the moving process streamlined and simple.

See if You Can Receive Any Discounts

Seeing whether you can receive any discounts is something you should look into. Some companies offer discounts if you help with the packing or if you complete some of the things prior to the move. Don’t be afraid to ask to see whether you can receive any discounts, as this will help to keep your budget in check and also help relieve some stress on the day. Don’t be dismayed, however, if you can’t receive a discount; not all moving companies do them, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Know Your Rights

If you are renting your new place, it’s important to know your rights and what to expect when renting. Generally, if you plan to make any changes to the place, your landlord needs to approve the changes first. Your landlord may also request documentation of the changes to ensure evidence of these changes. Upon leaving the place at a later date, you may be required to remove any changes that you have completed back to the original state of the house when you moved in, so keep this in mind.

Have Fun and Be Flexible

While it may be stressful for you, try to relax, have fun, and be flexible with the schedule. If you’re an hour off schedule, don’t fret too much; you’ll be moved in on the day as planned. Trust in your moving company to get the job done and enjoy the ride. Remember, you’re about to embark on a new and upcoming journey that will change the rest of your life. Enjoy it while you can, because you may not do it again any time soon.


Moving doesn’t have to be as stressful as some may believe. By taking the time to prepare your move well in advance, you have a better chance for it to all go well.

Having a disability doesn’t need to get in the way. Many people around the world with a disability have moved their home; it just makes the journey a little more challenging. By being flexible and enjoying the journey, you can easily make your next move a great one.


Olivia is the content manager for Atlanta Peach Movers. When she’s not writing, you can find her running through Buckhead with her rescue pup, Bo, or cheering on the Atlanta Falcons, her favorite football team.

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