NURSE’S WEEK: A Time for Appreciation

NURSE’S WEEK: A Time for Appreciation

In honor of Nurse’s Week 2019, we asked our customers to share the story of their hero. Here are some of the beautiful responses we received!


My hero is a friend I’ve had for 40 years. Met her when she was 13, we did a lot of heavy partying. I moved away and through the years I wondered what happened to her. I was several years older than she was and felt guilty about all the trouble I got her into bad back then. 35 years had passed and she sought me out and surprised me for my birthday. She had married raised 3 wonderful daughters on her own and had become a registered nurse. She loves nursing and now runs several elderly facilities. To know that she came out of all of the stuff I lead her into and became such a kind compassionate person and that she gives her life to help the elderly is the best thing I could hear. She will help anyone who asks and goes the extra mile for even those who don’t appreciate it, because she has such a giving heart.

– L.C.


My daughter is a Family Nurse Practitioner here in our small town in rural Georgia. Even as a child, Bonnie exhibited qualities of compassion and service, and we always knew she was well suited to the nursing profession.

With the shortage of medical doctors, especially in rural communities, the Nurse Practitioners have filled a huge gap in medical care. She is loved by her patients and she works hard to provide the best care she can for our town and surrounding towns.  

Bonnie is my daughter and she is also my Hero.  

– C.B.


My heroes are all the nurses and staff who cared for me for 2 months after I was involved in a very serious accident. Another hero is my daughter who cares for me as I finish my recovery at home.

– J.J.


My hero is my best friend Selina who is a nurse. She works in the intensive care unit and strictly works overnights. It’s amazing the work she does and the sacrifice she puts her body through.

– R.F.


My kids are my heroes. They have changed me into better and made me the best possible version of myself.

– A.M.


My hero (s) are those nice EMT’s at 911 who come over and get my husband up off the floor when he “forgets” he can’t walk and falls. They are so prompt and helpful, and always smiling and encouraging.  And FREE!!!

– A.G.


Doctors, nurses and volunteer to assist worldwide after natural and human tragedies. Doctors Without Borders often operate in the harshest of natural and political environments to save lives in improvised, makeshift facilities – without modern medical conveniences. Please consider Doctors Without Borders and the brave medical professionals worldwide who volunteer to support their humanitarian efforts.

– M.S.


Geraldine S. is my hero. Shes unable to get out of bed due to MS but she still tries to do so much on her own and taking care of her has literally saved my life and given me a reason to get out of bed everyday. She is an 82 yr old woman who has the mind of a 40 yr old but her body gave out. Anyway she is my hero.

– V.P.


My son has survived twice from being on life support and then when he had intestines twisted n with only 7 days to live. He’s a true fighter and always happy regardless of his complex medical conditions.

– D.B.


My sister Irma G. who has been a licensed practical nurse for over 30 years. She has worked in all area of the healthcare profession.

– B.S.


Neena is the visiting nurse who cares for my sister, who has MS. Neena sees my sister and is her advocate with Medicare whenever she needs assistance. We would not have gotten a new bed and other supplies were it not for Neena’s dedication and persistence.

– M.F.


My wife!! I had E. coli sepsis & was in 4 months & 4 facilities before getting home. I’m on a walker & I’m required to have assistance. I use a potty car & my wife cleans me & that up daily. Donna & her sister are my angels. I don’t know what I would do without my heroes!!!

– S.M.


I have many friends who are nurses, and was once in nursing school myself briefly 20 years ago and nurses are among the most caring and empathetic people I have ever met.

– B.B.


My special needs son. Born at 26 weeks gestation, my little trooper has had 9 brain surgeries and multiple lengthy hospital stays.  He’s heroic in so many ways. You’ll rarely catch him without a smile on his face and he loves to give and receive great big bear hugs.

– H.E.

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