Products Designed for the Greatest Generation

Products Designed for the Greatest Generation

As our loved ones age, many tasks become frustrating, difficult or even painful. Thankfully, today’s technology is stepping in in a big way to make the lives of seniors, people with disabilities and their caregivers easier. Whether it’s keeping up with your daily schedule, eating with ease or preventing falls, these 5 cool product videos show some of the amazing products designed for the greatest generation.

(Insider’s Tip: Be sure to watch video #5!)

1) Liftware Level

Seniors or other people who have hand tremors or limited arm and hand mobility can eat smoothly again with this self-stabilizing spoon that prevents spills and saves the user’s dignity.


2) The Flip-a-Grip

Prevent falls with this helpful handle that quickly flips out of the way so it’s only there when you need it to be.


3) Reminder Rosie

Reminder Rosie is the talking reminder tool that records, saves and plays back any and all messages so you can help your elderly loved ones throughout the day without having to interrupt your schedule.


4) Hamilton Beach OpenEase Jar Opener

This product is amazing for everyone – but it’s a true lifesaver for elderly individuals with arthritis or weakened hand mobility. Instead of fighting with jars, all you have to do to get your jar open is push one button!


5) Amazon Echo Silver

No introduction needed for this one. Just watch it. (And then maybe buy it.)

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