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Round Toilet Seat Risers / Raised Toilet Seat for Round Bowl

Browse the huge selection of round toilet seats now on AvaCare Medical! Choose from hinged toilet seat risers, round toilet seat risers with arms, padded ones, and many other types. Our toilet risers are from the best brands in the industry, and available at great prices. Read more...

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Many seniors and individuals with joint or lower back pain find it difficult to sit down and stand up when using the toilet. One way to alleviate this issue is to invest in a standard round toilet seat riser or raised toilet seat, either of which will ease the process of getting on and off the toilet seat. 

A toilet seat is usually not more than 19 inches off the floor, and bending one’s body into the right shape to get so low down can be strenuous for elderly individuals. Since it can take time for someone with weak muscles to get into the right position, there is a dangerous possibility of losing one’s balance while getting down onto the toilet seat. A standard raised toilet seat reduces the distance between the toilet seat and the individual getting on it, so that this process won’t take as much time, and, therefore, there is less of a chance for the person to lose his balance. 

Round raised toilet seats measure approximately 17 inches or less. (A toilet seat that is longer than that is referred to as “elongated.”) Most older bathrooms have round toilets, and therefore, many seniors will need a round toilet seat riser to fit their toilet. An added benefit of round toilet seat risers and raised toilet seats over elongated ones is that these take up the least space in the bathroom. Some raised round toilet seats and risers feature arms for support, and some feature hinges so that they can be flipped up when necessary. 

Best Round Raised Toilet Seats 

A round raised toilet seat is a seat placed on top of the toilet instead of the original seat. Usually, the original toilet seat is not removed from the toilet; it’s merely flipped back, up against the rear side of the toilet. A standard raised toilet seat has a contoured shape, so that it’s relatively comfortable to sit on. The round raised toilet seat is quite similar to a standard toilet seat; the main difference being that it’s an elevated seat so that it’s easier to get on and off of. 

Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seat for Round Bowl

This Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seat for a round toilet bowl features a large opening in the front and back, and a contoured surface. There is a locking mechanism which ensures that this seat stays securely attached to the toilet. If one needs to bring the raised toilet seat along somewhere, one can unlock the mechanism and easily remove it from the toilet. This toilet seat adds 4.5” of height to the toilet.

Carex Toilet Seat Elevator

The Carex Toilet Seat Elevator increases the height of your toilet by 5 inches, making it much easier to sit down on it. The anti-rubber surface of the contoured seat increase stability and make slips less likely. This standard raised toilet seat is wider than many other seats, and, therefore, more comfortable. 

Tilt Toilet Incline Lift

The Tilt Toilet Seat Lift is not only a round raised toilet seat; it’s also a lift chair. This is an extremely practical solution for individuals with limited mobility. It will increase bathroom safety to an incredible level. The tilt even features a companion control, which allows one to operate the seat by means of an easy to use control button.

Velcro Seat Cushion

This Velcro Toilet Seat Cushion is extremely comfortable. The padded vinyl surface and foam interior make this an ideal choice for those with arthritis or joint pain, or simply for those cold winter nights. This raised toilet seat is available in either 2” or 4” height sizes. 

Toilet Seat with Removable Padded Arms

The Elevated Toilet Seat with Removable Padded Arms adds 5 inches of height to your toilet. Complete with a powerful locking mechanism, a contoured seat for optimal comfort, and padded arms for support while getting on and off the seat, this one offers everything you’ll need a toilet seat to have. The arms are removable for easier portability.

Best Round Toilet Seat Risers

A round toilet seat riser is installed on top of the toilet, and then the original toilet seat is placed on top of it. This means that the user is sitting on the original seat, which has been elevated by means of the standard toilet seat riser. Using a round toilet seat riser feels almost exactly the same as sitting on the standard seat; like the round raised toilet seat, the key difference is that it’s higher up.

Round Hinged Toilet Seat Riser

The Round Hinged Toilet Seat Riser can be flipped back toward the rear end of the toilet when not in use. This makes it the perfect choice if someone is sharing a bathroom with another individual who does not require the use of the toilet seat riser. This standard toilet seat riser will increase the height of your toilet by 3.5 inches.

Toilet Seat Elevator 

The Toilet Seat Elevator is placed under the toilet seat for a discreet, smooth look. This toilet seat riser for a round bowl is available with supportive arms that can assist any individual with getting on and off the seat. If your bathroom doesn’t have room for arms, or you don’t feel handles are necessary, we also offer the option of getting this toilet seat riser without handles. 

Mabis Hinged Toilet Seat

The Mabis DMI Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat is a riser that will add 4 inches of height to your toilet. Hinges allow it to flip back when not in use, and also make it substantially easier to clean the underside of the seat. 

Tall-Ette Hinged Toilet Seat

The Tall-Ette Elevated Hinged Toilet Seat increases the height of the seat by three full inches, making getting onto the toilet a much easier process. As with the aforementioned toilet seat, the hinges on this one also promote practicality and make it less complicated to clean the toilet seat.

Premium Seat Riser with Removable Arms

The Premium Seat Riser with Removable Arms requires no tools to install, yet provides safe support. The arms give the individual something to hold onto immediately before and after, and while using the bathroom. This seat riser is easily removable, and is therefore quite a convenient choice for traveling. The arms can be disconnected if there isn’t space for them, and then easily re-installed later.


If you’re interested in increasing the safety of your bathroom, invest in a round toilet riser or raised toilet seat today. Finding the right one will be easy: Either just choose one based on the guide to the best raised round raised toilet seats and risers above, or, if you have any questions, give us a call at 1.877.813.7799 and our friendly customer care team will assist you efficiently and knowledgeably. 

Many of our standard toilet seat risers and round toilet seats now qualify for free shipping. Call for details!