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Financial Planning for Retirement

What do you think retirement will look like in 50 years? What do you want it to look like? A second home in Arizona to escape cold winter months? Traveling to all the places on your bucket list? How about a sense of financial security that can handle most unexpected emergencies? Envisioning your future is [...]

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3 Important Aspects of Integrated Health Care

There has been a shift in the approach to healthcare overall for the aging population. Instead of treating specific symptoms of diseases, physicians are beginning to shift their focus to the benefits of treating the whole body for health optimization through integrated health care. Integrated healthcare is a continuous line of communication among all medical [...]

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Does Your Elderly Loved One Need Live-In Help?

Watching the decline of a loved one as they age can be difficult.  And when physical and mental ability starts to deteriorate, you may be facing decisions related to your senior’s independence.  Here are some guidelines to help decide if and when your senior requires a live-in caregiver. Mobility Maintaining mobility is a key factor [...]

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7 Natural Ways to Look Younger

Looking your best and beautiful always doesn’t need to be chemical infused and expensive. There are a lot of organic and natural ways to achieve right what you want, no matter your age. Feeling and looking beautiful not only enhances your confidence, but it brings the best out of your personality. With a few activities [...]

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How to Save Money on Medical Bills

Unexpected medical bills are a constant worry for many Americans. It can be extremely difficult to plan how much an accident or medical condition might cost. Even a bad flu can set back your budget and drain your savings. Unfortunately, surprising medical expenses are pretty unavoidable. Even some of the best insurance plans have deductibles [...]

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5 Daily Habits That Make You Look Young

We do not realize how we compromise on health amidst all our workload and packed up schedules. The passing time leaves our skin looking and feeling aged and dull. Taking care of health does not always include heavy workout or following a proper diet plan, but a few simple daily habits can also bring a [...]

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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Elderly 2017

The holidays are coming up, and with it, gift season! If you have an elderly family member, patient or loved one, we're here to make things easier for you this holiday season. Scroll through this quick guide to senior gifting ideas - there's something for every type and every budget! For even more gift ideas, [...]

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Narrow Wheelchairs for Tight Spaces

Shop Manual Wheelchairs   The wheelchair width is a measurement people often don't take the time to consider, but for anyone with narrow doorways and tight spaces in their home or facility, finding a narrow wheelchair is very important. After all, what's the benefit of a mobility aid that doesn't provide true mobility? Besides [...]

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Permanent Employment for Disabled Individuals

Is It Really Difficult for Disabled Persons to Find Permanent Employment? The Americans With Disabilities Act has been officially in place since the year 1990. Employers of all kinds know that they cannot discriminate against disabled persons seeking work at their companies nor employees who have become disabled while in their employ. As many protections [...]

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6 Smart Tips for Caring for Aging Parents

As your parents age, it is important to stay on top of their physical and mental fitness. With age, not only do they become weak, but their body parts also stop working properly. Their immune system becomes weaker, to the point that even a light spell of a disease can prove to be dangerous for [...]

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