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What to Do if You’re Allergic to Adhesive Bandages

Most bandages either contain adhesive, or they need to be applied with adhesive tape. If someone is allergic to adhesive bandages or to latex, and is having the following symptoms, there are steps they can take to ease the uncomfortableness or take it away completely. Symptoms of the allergy would be a rash or redness, [...]

Our Healthcare Professionals; Our Heroes

Throughout this pandemic, our healthcare professionals never took a break. While we sat in our homes, doing our best to keep COVID-19 contained, our medical professionals expended unbelievable energy, working overtime, day in and day out, helping people heal. These selfless heroes in scrubs put themselves at risk every millisecond of their workday, when nearly [...]

How to Prevent Fractures and Falls: Tips to Keep Seniors Safe

Falls are common among the elderly population. Statistics cited on the CDC claim that every year, at least a quarter of all adults over 64 will experience a fall, and 3 million seniors visit emergency departments each year after suffering a fall. And once someone falls, his chances of falling again are doubled. Many seniors [...]