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Preventing Senior Bedroom Falls

Shop Bedroom Safety   Growing older entails numerous challenges ranging from joyous ones like keeping up with the grandchildren to more obnoxious ones such as where all these aches and pains came from. Perhaps one of the most common and serious difficulties is the increased risk of experiencing an injurious fall. This is especially [...]

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Motorized Wheelchairs: A Quick Guide

Shop Motorized Wheelchairs   Motorized wheelchairs are battery-powered wheelchairs that allows users with limited mobility to propel the chair via the joystick, which is conveniently located within reach on the armrest. These wheelchairs are easy to use and don’t require manually pushing the wheels. With a power wheelchair, those who have difficulties in walking [...]

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Natural Pain Management for the Elderly

Nature is full of herbs, spices and their derivatives that effectively treat pain, inflammation and other related conditions. These herbs form an indispensable part of alternative medicine, and helps to cure arthritic inflammation and other types of pain that older people frequently experience. These natural remedies had been used in the past for all kinds of [...]

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Factors to Consider in Purchasing Chiropractic Tools and Equipment

Chiropractic tools and equipment, like other types of medical equipment, are necessary for both treatment inside the office as well as for patients when they go home. There are a plethora of products out there that can help in assisting a qualified chiropractor with the adjustments, alignments, and other care that they give to their [...]

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Styling Your Room for Night Time Safety

The population of older adults living independently is growing, making home safety an increasingly important public health issue. One-third of adults over the age of 65 will fall once a year, making falls the the most common accident across the elderly population by far. Thirty to fifty percent of falls result in a minor injury, [...]

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AvaCare Medical Supports Hurricane Florence Relief Efforts

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC) is a 501(c)(3) that has been instrumental in disaster relief efforts both domestically and internationally, providing DME and medical supplies in the wake of hurricanes including Katrina, Irene and Sandy, and most recently Maria and Irma, as well as the devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal. In 2013, Georgia Emergency Management [...]

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What Seniors Should Look for in a Mattress

Shop Mattresses   Just as our bodies change as we get older, so do our sleeping patterns. According to the National Sleep Foundation, as people age it is harder for them to fall and stay asleep due to changes in their sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. Not to mention, seniors are at a higher [...]

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Moving Tips for Someone with a Disability

Moving to a new home or place is a stressful yet exciting time in anyone’s life. However, if you have a disability, the impact of moving to a new home is much greater than those who don’t have a disability. For those in wheelchairs, for example, the moving process brings with it new obstacles that [...]

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How to Keep Older Adults Safe in the Bedroom

Keep your senior safe with the following assistive devices. Older adults are at a much higher risk of sustaining an at-home injury than younger adults, and unfortunately, up to 11 percent of these accidents occur in the bedroom or an adjacent area. For most people, a bedroom is a place of relaxation, but for seniors, [...]

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Four Ways to Keep Healthy As You Age

As you age, your body and mind naturally undergo changes. From a decrease in energy to loss of concentration, these changes can be daunting. But there are many ways you can keep healthy as you age. Whether this is taking up exercise or starting a new hobby, here are four ways you can keep physically [...]

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