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Affordable Senior Housing: Finding What Works for You

As you grow older, things start to change. You’ve retired and left your fast-paced work life behind you. Perhaps your family home is too large, or the payments on your mortgage are higher than you had expected them to be. Things that you could have done easily 10 years ago are becoming more difficult, and [...]

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Best Medical Products to Keep You Cool This Summer

After a long winter, the heat is a wonderful thing. Still, when the sun is at its peak, sometimes, you can use a little help cooling off. Here are some products you might not have known about that can make your summer a whole lot cooler. Literally. Cooling Body Lotions and Creams Whether you shop [...]

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What to Do If Your Bed Pads Move at Night

Chucks are great - they protect the bed, they protect the user... until they don't. And with chucks, that happens far too often; those bed pads just won't stay in place! If you're having this problem, you are likely using a thin pad without a design to keep it in place, such as flaps or [...]

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Adult Diapers Vs. Adult Pull-Ups: Which One Do You Need?

You know you need overnight, or full day, protection for yourself or your loved one. You know it needs to be wearable, high absorbency, and comfortable. If this is you, you're probably looking to buy an adult diaper or an adult pull-up. But which one do you need? How do you decide? And even once you've [...]

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AvaCare Medical Acquires Murse World

At AvaCare Medical, we’re always looking for ways to improve our customer experience and benefit the world of medical supplies and apparel. That’s why we’ve just acquired Murse World, the world’s largest men’s scrub store. Founded in 2011, Murse World is a customer-centric company with a passion for providing male nurses, doctors and other medical [...]

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Choosing a Bed for Common Senior Health Concerns

Buying a new bed is a daunting project no matter who you are. In recent years, the mattress industry has flooded the market with options, ranging from super-extra-deluxe-plush to budget-mattress-in-a-box. Sifting through your options is no longer as simple as driving around town and testing beds all day. Traditional mattress stores are no longer the [...]

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Caregiver Rewards III

Being a caregiver is a beautiful, selfless act of kindness and indeed, an opportunity, but it’s also one of the toughest roles a person can play in their lifetime. Whether your caregiving experience is checking in on an elderly neighbor or relative periodically, providing 24/7 care for a loved one in your home or something [...]

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Products to Save Your Back While Caregiving

Caregiving for elderly or disabled individuals is a lot of things - rewarding, difficult, beautiful, stressful... and back-breaking, especially if the patient is immobile. Well, here's some good news for all caregivers! You don't have to heave your patient - or heavy equipment - around, as there are countless products that can do the heavy [...]

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Product Review: Lumbar Support Cushion from Roscoe

The lumbar support pillow by Roscoe is definitely up there as a favorite product at AvaCare Medical - in fact, most of our office chairs happily wear these cushions daily to provide support for our hard-working staff members. The fact that we've chosen to use these cushions, when we had a large range of support [...]

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