Chucks Pads: Alternate Uses

Chucks Pads: Alternate Uses

Today we’re going to discuss chucks pads, and what they can be used for.

But before we start, what are chux?

Underpads, chucks, and chux are all pads that are used to protect furniture, especially beds, from urine damage. The only difference is that chucks, or chux, usually refers exclusively to single-use pads that can be “chucked” – hence the name. In contrast, the word underpad can refer to either reusable or disposable incontinence pads. Read more about underpads here.

Underpads are usually used as disposable mattress protectors (which is why they’re often referred to as bed chucks), and the most popular size for underpads is the 23″ x 36″ adult bed pad. However, there are many other sizes for uses other than incontinence bed protection for seniors.

Here are some other common uses for chux underpads:

1. Children

Changing a baby’s diaper is usually a relatively simple task, but when Baby decides to go as soon as his/her skin is exposed to cold air, changing time can be a near-disaster… unless you have an underpad on the changing table. Underpads aren’t only for infants; as your baby becomes a toddler, these smaller-sized chux will come in handy again. While toilet-training your children, keep their beds dry with chucks until they master the art of staying dry all night.

2. Pets


Underpads are made in special sizes to fit dog trays and pet cages. Puppy pads are commonly used to keep the house dry while dogs are still learning to go outside. These dog pee pads are also available in specialized types, including grassy pads and pads that contain attractants that encourage dogs to go there to relieve themselves. Dog pads are also convenient for sick or elderly dogs that are not able to go outside.

In addition, chucks are a comfortable solution for use in pet cages to make it easier for you to clean up after your indoor pets.

3. Hospital Pads


Chux aren’t only used for urine protection – they are also commonly used in hospitals for blood and bodily fluids, such as during labor, surgery and for postpartum needs.

4. Other Furniture


Even when underpads are used for incontinence, they’re not just for beds; they can be used for chairs, couches, wheelchairs, car seats and more.

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What are some other uses for underpads and chucks? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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