Evolution of Medicine

Evolution of Medicine

Surprising but true – medicine is getting increasingly advanced, judging by the fact that life expectancy has increased around the globe. In 1840, a woman was expected to live only 42 years. In 2019, a man can expect to reach 84! More women over forty are getting pregnant these days because they know that they have their whole life ahead. Of course, all this is possible thanks to G-d’s gift to mankind – the gift of advanced medicine.

There are so many improvements in medicine and surgery: gene therapy, gut bacteria treatments, cancer therapies, the bionic eye, hormones for heart treatment, the cure for hepatitis C, fecal transplants, seizure stoppers, synthetic cells, and 3D printed body organs!

Doctors are not planning to stop because there is still a lot that needs to be done. People have to wait for a transplant for years. For instance, a new patient is added to the kidney waiting list every fifteen minutes. To solve this problem, scientists decided to produce more artificial organs using 3D printers for patients on demand. It will help to prolong the lives of millions of people.

All these mind-blowing facts raise an important question. Are we already living in the future?

Learn more about the fantastic evolution of medicine in the infographic below, according to Quick Fix Synthetic:

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