Benefits of Medical Alert Systems

Benefits of Medical Alert Systems

Caregivers are like superheroes. They give their all every day to make sure their loved ones or seniors are well cared for. But according to a CDC survey, they often find it hard to manage stress, balance their home and work responsibilities, and find time for themselves. That’s where medical alert systems come in.

Medical alert systems can offer excellent caregiver support, and enable caregivers to spend more time with their families and focus on their careers while still providing seniors with excellent care. Here are the reasons why medical alert systems are so useful to caregivers.

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Help Seniors Maintain Independence

Caregivers like to have medical alert systems for several reasons, most of which involve offering their patients the best possible care. When a patient begins to show signs of loss of mobility or dementia, it may be a good idea to speak to their family members or a doctor about having a medical alert system. A medical alert system allows people to have their independence, even when they are faced with health issues. Users of medical alert systems can enjoy the freedom and security of being alone while being monitored.

Reduce Cost and Worry

Caregivers love to have medical alert systems for their patients because it reduces their worries and that of their patients. Some medical alert systems come with built-in GPS tracker, which can be a smart feature for patients with developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. With GPS-enabled medical alert systems, caregivers can be alerted when their patients or loved ones leave home unexpectedly. For seniors who are on a tight budget, these systems are an affordable way to provide medication reminders, medical alerts, and 24-hour monitoring, which can help to avoid or delay a necessary move to a costly health care facility.

Notify Emergency Response Personnel

According to the CDC, 1 in 3 seniors falls every year. 90% of these falls have a big and detrimental impact on the person’s health. To prevent any avoidable effects from happening, medical alert systems are recommended for people who are at high risk of falling and less stable. The patients can quickly get the help they require with a button on a pendant or bracelet. And if automatic fall detection is added, alerts can be sent even when the patient is incapacitated or cannot respond.

Flexibility and Comfort

Medical alert systems are versatile and comfortable; they can usually be worn around the neck or on the wrist, and are also waterproof to protect them when showering. The comfort that comes with using the device makes it easy for users to get used to wearing it every day. Also, personal medical alert systems are great because of the flexibility of their service. Many medical alert producers provide automatic fall detection and 24-hour monitoring at an affordable price. You can customize the service plans to fit the patient’s budget or needs.

Help Seniors Stay Safe and Independent

With the help of a medical alert system, you can go about your normal life knowing the senior under your care is safe. When there’s an emergency, your senior can use a MobileHelp medical alert system and get help from highly trained response expert teams. MobileHelp can be useful as it is designed to meet all requirements in this regard. It has every feature you’ll ever need in a medical alert system. It was designed to provide seniors with optimal care and protection, and so, it strives to cover every incident which may occur in your everyday life. The medical alert system has combined modern mobile devices with conventional stand-alone equipment to give the best of both worlds!

Support in Assisted Living

If there’s a need to move your senior to an assisted living facility, there will be almost no difference since you will be as involved as you were while they were in your home or lived independently. Rooms usually have call buttons which enable surrounding residents to call on staff members – but if the senior can’t reach the button or falls, they may need to wait till help comes. Medical alert devices that have automatic fall detection will sense when there’s a fall and alert a response unit. Even if your senior isn’t able to press the alert button, the medical alert device will get help as soon as possible.

Can Be Used While Traveling

Rain, detours, construction, and road rage are conditions which could bring confusion and worry for every driver. No matter how careful your loved one is while driving, it is inevitable that you will fear for their safety. With a medical alert system on your senior’s pendant or necklace, you’ll not need to worry as they can easily reach the button in case of an emergency. The medical alert system makes it easy to locate them, send help immediately, or contact the caregiver.

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