What To Do If You Have Urinary Incontinence

What To Do If You Have Urinary Incontinence

When even the word “incontinence” is a mystery, dealing with the condition is simply too great a task to manage alone.

At AvaCare Medical, we get calls every day from people who are just learning how to deal with incontinence and stay dry despite the dribble, and they simply have no idea where to start.

For many of them, even the word “incontinence” is new. And while they’re still trying to figure that out, something must be done as soon as possible to stop the constant aggravation and embarrassment of wetting clothes, bedding and furniture.


With thousands of products on the market, there’s something for everyone – but not everything is for everyone. Each individual case of incontinence must be dealt with differently, and most people are at a loss about what would be best for their needs.

For some people, an all-inclusive incontinence management plan would include protection for during the day as well as the night, in addition to something to protect the bed, while others may just need a pullup for nighttime leaks. Yet others require a bedside commode, an option that is especially helpful for individuals with urge incontinence, who have a sudden urge to use the bathroom and struggle to get there in time.

Even after dealing with incontinence issues for a long time, incontinence still holds many mysteries. Recently, a woman called us with desperation in her voice. She had tried multiple products as well as several layers of protection in her efforts to keep her ill daughter’s bedding dry, but to no avail – each morning still brought with it the unpleasant task of changing and washing wet linen. She was ready to spend whatever it would take to get high quality, reliable products to make her life a little bit easier.

Another caller wondered how she might help her elderly mother stay dry, as her mother constantly pulled off her briefs, leaving her mother unprotected – and her to clean up the resulting mess. After some consideration, she realized that her mother was uncomfortable and required a better fit and a more comfortable brief.

People like these women need people who are experts in the field to take their hand and walk them through the challenge called incontinence and provide them with answers where they see only question marks. They need to know that they’re getting their money’s worth, and that there is a solution out there that will simplify their lives and keep everyone comfortable, happy, and most importantly, dry.

Often, these people can be helped simply by getting educated about the options that are available. This can be done by reading incontinence buying guides or contacting a provider or manufacturer directly for materials and more information. Ordering samples of different incontinence products is another way to become more familiar with what there is and what is needed.

So for those of you out there who know people struggling with incontinence themselves or caring for others with the condition, let them know that there is help out there – and it is within their reach.


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