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The AvaCare Medical Veterans Initiative

At AvaCare Medical, we know that America is the land of the free because of the brave. That’s why we’re thanking the brave for our freedom with Hero Rewards.

In appreciation for your sacrifices on behalf of our country, we offer a 5% discount on all medical supplies purchased through AvaCare Medical for all past and present members of the military and their families.

All active, reserve, retired or disabled U.S. veterans and immediate family members (including parents, siblings and children) with a valid military ID are eligible for a 5% discount on any order placed on AvaCare Medical. No application necessary; simply fill out your U.S. military ID number at checkout to receive 5% off your entire order.

*Also check out our exclusive Veterans Day program!

*Please note: AvaCare Medical reserves the right to change or cancel the Veterans discount at any time.

Veteran's Hero Rewards

As a veteran, we know you’ve had unique opportunities to be courageous on behalf of America, and we want to hear about it!

Simply answer the question below for a chance to get your story featured here.
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Our Veterans Respond...

L.R.: I was in the Navy. Served on 2 cruises (deployments) during Vietnam War. I was an Aviation Fire Control Technician. The bravest thing I ever did was being called up to the flight deck of the USS Independence to troubleshoot an aircraft that had lost its radar while sitting on the catapult ready to launch. About the only thing I could do with the plane ready to launch was raise the radome and replace the radar receiver crystals. It was a long shot, but it worked. The aircraft was the lead aircraft in the flight going out, so the launch was successful. During the mission, the aircraft lost its radio, tacan, INS and every other means of communication and navigation. The only system left to guide it back to the carrier was the radar that I repaired on the #1 catapult of the USS Independence in 1971. It was not so brave, but I have always been proud of what I did.

A. C.: Getting promoted to corporal.

A. S.: During my in country tour in Viet Nam and serving on a LST was to Salute and serve the soldiers fighting deep in country. They were the bravest. We were there to serve them and we did. My prayer, on Sunday, is always a prayer of remembrance to those that gave all.

K. M.: Being deployed to New Zealand and playing the part of a terrorist during a military exercise.

W. L.: Just being in other country.

J. K.: Though I can't think of anything brave I did while in the Air Force I did serve honorably during the Iraq War while stationed at Khobar Towers Saudi Arabia as a firefighter in 1993. But I thought I would use this as an opportunity to remember the 19 Airman who lost their lives at the bombing of Khobar Towers three years later. They served most honorably and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country and are definitely heroes in my book.

O. H.: The friends I made and those relationships that carried over into retirement.

F. R.: The crossing the equator, Shellback initiation. It wore us down, but we got thru the initiation.

S. G.: Fighting next to those brave enough to risk their lives for the freedoms we have.

G. M.: My husband served in Iraq in 2004 as a member of the National Guard. As a wife of a soldier, it was an eye opening experience, particularly when you have to consider that your husband may not return home to his family.