Bedroom Safety

Choosing a Bed for Common Senior Health Concerns

Buying a new bed is a daunting project no matter who you are. In recent years, the mattress industry has flooded the market with options, ranging from super-extra-deluxe-plush to budget-mattress-in-a-box. Sifting through your options is no longer as simple as driving around town and testing beds all day. Traditional mattress stores are no longer the [...]

Bedside Commodes: What They Are & The Many Types You Can Get

Bedside commodes, known by a host of other names including commode chair, toilet chair or portable commode, are an important bedroom addition for many patients. However, the bedroom is not the only place these helpful medical equipment products come in handy. But before we delve into its many uses, let's start with the basic definition [...]

Geri Chairs: The Ultimate in Comfort and Convenience

Shop Geri Chairs   Geri chairs, short for geriatric chairs, are primarily used in hospitals, senior facilities, rehab centers and other long- and short-term medical care facilities. Geri chairs are medical chairs for the elderly that are uniquely designed to be a comfortable option for longer periods of sitting, making them ideal for bedridden [...]