Bedroom Safety

How to Prevent Fractures and Falls: Tips to Keep Seniors Safe

Falls are common among the elderly population. Statistics cited on the CDC claim that every year, at least a quarter of all adults over 64 will experience a fall, and 3 million seniors visit emergency departments each year after suffering a fall. And once someone falls, his chances of falling again are doubled. Many seniors [...]

6 Steps to Making Your Home Senior Friendly

When updating your house to make it senior-friendly, there are several things to consider. These include kitchen conveniences, bathroom fixtures, and much more. There are many options you can find on the internet which, together with your novel ideas, can prepare a lovely home for your loved ones. Not everyone has the luxury of designing [...]

The Unexpected Costs of Cancer Care

Cancer treatment is a long and unpleasant process, and, unfortunately, it doesn't end with the stay in the hospital. The ordeal continues and is compounded by the financial burden that many sufferers have to carry during their battle with cancer. The list of unexpected costs for cancer care is endless. It goes beyond treatment, and [...]

Best Hospital Mattresses for Home Health Care

Around one-fourth of all falls in the healthcare environment are falling from bed. For every fall, there is a solution that can lower the probability. However, being a primary caregiver, it sometimes becomes difficult to balance. One thing that you can provide to patients with restricted mobility or health problems is a night of sound [...]

Life After the First Fall: What Should Be Done

Witnessing an aging parent’s physical health slowly decline into unsteadiness is never easy. There may be many warning signs, but the first time your father or mother has a serious fall can be a traumatic experience. Both the senior and family caregivers are often unsure what to do next. Rest assured, there are ways to [...]

Caring for Senior Relatives at Home

Older adults who require assistance with daily living receive excellent care in senior living communities, but that care comes at a price. When assisted living or a nursing facility is too expensive, bringing a parent, grandparent, or senior relative to live with you, or renting out a private one-bedroom apartment for your loved one, are [...]

Home Lighting Tips for Seniors

Changes in vision present a constant safety hazard for older adults, especially those who live in homes with inadequate, uneven, or too-bright lighting. The situation is worsened by the diminished eyesight that’s a natural and to-be-expected effect of aging. Seniors may also experience fluctuating vision, loss of peripheral eyesight, or distorted vision. These are often [...]