Best Hospital Mattresses for Home Health Care

Best Hospital Mattresses for Home Health Care

Around one-fourth of all falls in the healthcare environment are falling from bed. For every fall, there is a solution that can lower the probability. However, being a primary caregiver, it sometimes becomes difficult to balance. One thing that you can provide to patients with restricted mobility or health problems is a night of sound sleep.

Sleep disorder is common among elderly people. It might be chronic. Some, however, are self-induced. The position of the bed or uncomfortable mattress might become a problem for patients. Dangers of sleep deprivation in the elderly can exacerbate the existing medical condition. For this purpose, you should find a mattress that aligns with their needs.

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Memory foam mattress, for instance, provides comfort, relaxation, and better sleep. Consider buying the hospital mattresses for home health care to help you with patients who need home health care.

There are many benefits of buying the best mattress Singapore. Some of them are as follow:

  • It allows you to stay at home: a home is a place where one can feel safe and comfortable. Hospital routines might frustrate patients. Buying a hospital mattress for health care would eliminate the need to stay at the hospital. Thus, you can provide the same comfort and care by being at home with them.
  • Gives pain relief comfort: it relieves pain, muscle soreness, and other body aches. It reduces pressure in different areas in the body and relieves pain.
  • It is allergy-friendly: memory foam mattresses are made of fibers (polyurethane) that prevent the accumulation of mites in the foam.

Features of Hospital Mattresses for Home Health Care

While buying a mattress for people with restricted mobility or patients, you can look for the following features.

Pressure Relieving Foam

Bedsores are often a result of spending an extended amount of time in bed. As a result, the pressure exerted on the body by the mattress causes the skin tissues to get trapped.

Hospital mattresses, unlike the regular ones, provide relief. They help the body to adjust position and does not allow the pressure to build up.

For this reason, a mattress should be chosen carefully so that it reduces friction, and patients can wake up without feeling any discomfort.

Takes the Contour of Your Body

Hospital mattresses for home health care are designed to fit the requirements of patients. Patients with a slipped disc or spinal injury can rely on mattress Singapore. It takes the contour of your body mainly back and fits perfectly, giving support as well as relief.

Patients with back problem are often advised to sleep in a position that does not put stress on their back. If your patient needs home health care, then it is highly recommended to buy a mattress that caters to this need.

Improves Circulation

An improved sleep posture is important, and a mattress to provide one is essential. Memory foam mattress Singapore can improve your sleep posture thus giving you a sound sleep. This also improves the blood circulation in the body.

Hospital mattresses for home health care adjust the feet and head and change the pressure pounds. This improves the circulation of blood while you are asleep.

Appropriate for Light Sleepers

Its zero-disturbance technology enables the primary caregiver to sleep with the patient without disturbing his/her sleep in the middle of the night. Elderly people often find it hard to sleep, but they do not want to get disturbed if their partner is noisy.

The zero-disturbance technology helps you sleep through the night, even if your partner/caregiver gets out of the bed. It does not transfer motion and gives you a better sleep.

Provides Support

With age, it becomes quite difficult to balance, and people with restricted mobility need constant support. Memory foam mattress Singapore gives support to your body. Its firmness keeps your body in place, and you do not feel any discomfort when you wake up.

Optimum Temperature

Extremely cold or hot conditions can interfere with your sleep making it hard for you to fall asleep. With a memory foam mattress, the design and material enable you to sleep at an optimum temperature.

The temperature of the body affects sleep. The temperature-sensitive material used while manufacturing memory foam controls the body heat as well as your weight. As the temperature increases, the mattress becomes soft and gives you a better sleep. Its cooling feature is remarkable and works perfectly for elderly people.


Bed safety for recovering patients as well as people with restricted mobility is essential for their well being. While buying a mattress, you can check these features so that you can buy one that works better for patients and elderly people. Mattress Singapore is designed to fulfill the requirements of people with ailment so that they can enjoy good sleep as well as good health.

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